2.0 Prototype

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'Good enough' isn't good enough anymore. Users today are spoiled & expect greatness. Going to market with a half baked feature set & design won't work, and we'll make sure that doesn't happen.


1 Product Discovery & Roadmapping

Here our team will define what your application does, why, and how to ensure your users would use it. This includes some brainstorming exercises to get the idea out of your head and onto paper, and then documenting it in a coherent way the design & development team understands.

DELIVERABLE: User Journey & Feature List


2 Branding & Market Positioning

New startups are launching every day, so you need to stand out. Our team will work with you to create a great brand & message that gets your startup noticed while positioning you as an up-and-coming leader in your market.

DELIVERABLE: Logo design, font files, brand board


3 Interactive UI/UX Design

Now that your branding, messaging, and product roadmap are complete, our team will design your entire application. We'll wrap it up into an interactive prototype (examples below) you can use to kickstart development, and pitch investors & customers.

DELIVERABLE: Interactive Prototype, raw screen design files & assets


4 Development Specifications

Once your designs are complete we'll need to start thinking about your future development project. Our team will create a fixed price quote for you, along with a roadmap of versions we recommend. That way you can give an exact number to potential investors, or begin development right away if you're ready to go.

DELIVERABLE: Development estimate & technical specifications