3.0 Funding

Regular price $3,500.00

1 Offer Creation

In order to raise funding you need to know how much to ask for, why, and then have the documents to close the deal. Our team will create those documents for you, such as term sheets, valuation summary, non-disclosure agreements, and other related materials for your investors.

DELIVERABLE: Investor Offer Letters & Term Sheets


2 Legal & Accounting Prep

Our team will assist you with incorporating correctly, as well as ensure you have the supporting documentation to show you're a real business. Additionally, we'll help you set up your accounting, specifically putting together a 3 year pro forma of projections for your startup.

DELIVERABLE: Legal & accounting item consultation


3 Deck Design

Investors know when you've copied a template online for your pitch deck. Instead, our team will custom design your pitch deck, all while our fundraising team assists you with the content.

DELIVERABLE: Custom designed pitch deck


4 Investor Outreach Strategy

Finding investors can be difficult if you don't know where to look, and how to connect with them. We'll put together a custom investor outreach strategy together for you. You'll also get priority & free access to Launch Fund where we connect you with our own network of investors

DELIVERABLE: Email outreach templates & initial investor list